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Investigating the Silt Historical Park

Borrowed from the Silt Historical Park Website

In 1982, the Silt Historical Society was organized and it set the ground work for this special historical park. The park is made up of several buildings from the Garfield County area, which include a school house, the Sallee family home, a saloon, and more. Each are furnished with period pieces of furniture and various antiques.

Western Slope Paranormal has been honored to conduct two meet and greets there, where we talked about what we do, what equipment we use, and shared stories. We were also invited to spend a few hours there one night and conduct an investigation of the various buildings.

The building that we found the most paranormal activity is the school house. During our first Meet and Greet, Annette (team member) was demonstrating how to use the Ghost Box (an instrument that uses radio frequencies and allows spirits to talk). Through asking various questions, we seemed to have picked up the voice of a little boy named Timmy who was 6 years old. During this same time our Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) detector was lighting up, indicating that there was a spirit there.

We were able to go with the group and visit the buildings. We had instructed people that if they take photos, take at least 3 in a row. That way you have validation if there is any changes in the spot photographing. As the group left the Sallee house, one woman took 3 photos in a row, and amazingly, the middle photo showed a figure of a man, standing in a spot that no one was standing, and importantly, it only showed up in the one photo.

During our second Meet and Greet, which was again held in the school house, before the talk began, the easel and flag in the back corner moved on its own. No one had been near it the whole time we were setting up and filing in. We were demonstrating the use of dousing rods and let a boy named Mikey use them and ask questions. While he was doing this, his father felt what seemed like a cat rubbing against his legs. There were no cats in the building, but the area outside was free-range for many stray cats.

After the M&G, our team members had full access to the park. We broke up in two teams. As far as paranormal activity went, there wasn't much outside of the school house. The sheepherders cottage seemed to have had some activity but we were not able to pin down anything concrete. I felt someone sit on the bench next to me, or at least thought I did. The teams met up in the school house before we left. We conducted investigations using various pieces of equipment, but did not get much from them. Running the Ghost Box again, one phrase kept repeating itself, but we were not able to figure out exactly what it was saying. Using an AM radio frequency, that shouldn't happen, so we think it was a paranormal incident and it is unfortunate we were not sure what it meant.

We hope to be invited back to this park. It is worth the visit. Not only do they have the historical buildings, they offer classes, events, concerts and more. Visit their site for information

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